Confederate monuments taken down in Baltimore overnight

Confederate statues in Baltimore were removed from their bases overnight by city contractors, who used heavy machinery to load them onto flat bed trucks and haul them away — an abrupt end to more than a year of indecision on what to do with the memorials.

Mayor Catherine Pugh, who made the decision, watched in person as the four statues linked to the Confederacy were torn from their pedestals. The Baltimore City Council unanimously passed a resolution to remove them, amid a renewed national conversation following a deadly terrorist attack by a white supremacist at a rally in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday.

Mayor Catherine Pugh said Wednesday morning crews working for the city began removing the four Confederate monuments at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday and finished at 5:30 a.m.

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“It’s done,” she said Wednesday morning. “They needed to come down. My concern is for the safety and security of our people. We moved as quickly as we could.”

Homicide detectives probing man’s overdose death at home of prominent L.A. Democratic donor Ed Buck

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s homicide detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal drug overdose of a 26-year-old man at the West Hollywood home of prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell said Monday that while coroner’s officials ruled Gemmel Moore’s July 27 death an accident, homicide detectives will be conducting a follow-up investigation based on “additional information.” He declined to elaborate.

Initial investigations by deputies and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office did not flag anything suspicious in Moore’s death, sheriff’s Capt. Chris Bergner said, but the new probe was being launched “out of abundance of caution.”

Seymour Amster, an attorney representing Buck, said Monday that his client had “nothing to do with this young man’s tragic death.”

He added that Moore, whom he described as a “good friend” of Buck, was found in a bathroom of the home, alone, with the door closed.

It was “a self-imposed accidental death,” he said. Buck, 62, did not return calls seeking comment.

Ed Winter, a spokesman for the coroner’s office, said Buck was inside the Laurel Avenue home at the time of Moore’s death and that drug paraphernalia was recovered from the scene.

The new investigation came amid calls by Moore’s family for a deeper examination of his death.

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A family friend provided the Los Angeles Times with pages of what he said was Moore’s journal from December. The friend also provided a video showing him picking up the journal from the coroner’s office. In the purported journal entries, Moore writes about his drug use. He also makes accusations against Buck.

The real goal of the intolerant Left is the outright extermination of conservative White culture (and elimination of the First Amendment)

MIKE ADAMS, NATURAL NEWS–It’s now perfectly clear that the real goal of the intolerant Left is the complete extermination of conservative White culture in America and the elimination of First Amendment rights for anyone who isn’t a Leftist.

This is now abundantly clear after the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, where radical left-wing protesters (Antifa) clashed with angry right-wing protesters, leading to 3 deaths and dozens of injuries. According to Leftists everywhere, young, white conservatives have no right to voice their grievances at all… even as they are demeaned, censored, slandered and vilified by the establishment Left.

Had those protesters been Black Lives Matters proponents instead of “Unite the Right” members, their right to protest would have been celebrated and even rejoiced by the mainstream media and the political establishment. According to the Left-wing status quo in America today, African-Americans, Muslims, women and LGBTQ community members all have the right to violently protest against anyone they want, but White conservative males are uniquely forbidden to exercise their First Amendment rights without being immediately labeled KKK, neo-Nazis, racists and bigots.

Along with this, Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are now systematically silencing all conservative voices for purely political reasons, either demonetizing accounts, shadow banning their visibility or censoring them altogether. This politically-motivated effort of Left-wing internet gatekeepers to silence conservative voices only leads, of course, to increasing frustration among those being suppressed. And this frustration is now focused into public rallies which are now one of the very few places where such voices can express their grievances.

Yet when the Governor of Virginia pulls the permit for the rally just minutes before it was scheduled to begin — and then unleashes Antifa and other radical Left-wing groups onto the streets like a mob of communist “cultural revolution” enforcers — it can only end in violence. This is exactly what happened in Charlottesville, where the Virginia Governor — an extremely corrupt puppet of the Clintons — engineered precisely the kind of violence escalation that the Left wants to see on the evening news so they can claim the moral high ground while seeking the outright extermination of conservative culture in America.

What the Left refuses to acknowledge is how such oppression and censorship will only lead to an ever more powerful rising up among oppressed conservatives. It seems obvious their numbers will only grow stronger, and they will begin to stage protests and rallies in more cities, very likely ignoring permits altogether (since such permits are a hoax anyway, as they are at first “approved” and then rescinded at the very last minute).

(For the record, I denounce the KKK, racism and violence against innocent protesters. At the same time, I also denounce the censorship, bullying and attempted extermination of history now being carried out by the Left, all of which has led to this escalation in the first place. Many of you may not know this, but I am Native American and my wife is an immigrant. I’m also on the record stating that we are all African-Americans because our ancestors were all African in origin, but this scientific, anthropological point seems to be hopelessly lost on everyone.)

By censoring the speech of conservatives, Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are pushing America toward civil war

This censorship of conservatives — combined with condemnation of them for becoming “radicalized” — will only escalate as long as the intolerant Left continues to silence and demonize the diverse viewpoints they don’t like. Far from the Left’s claim of wanting “coexistence” and diversity, the more brutal truth is that the intolerant Left demands obedience and conformity, offering no tolerance whatsoever for those who hold views the Left doesn’t like. For the record, very few voices on the far right are actually racist or bigoted, yet the Left throws all conservatives into the same category, instantly writing off their voices and grievances as if they have no right to exist. Simultaneously, the Left ignores all the violent radicals occupying its own extreme wing, pretending that those few individuals don’t represent Leftists, yet insisting that a handful of extreme KKKers somehow represent all of conservatism in America.

In this way, the intolerant Left has become a mob of bullies across America, denouncing and censoring conservatives, Whites, heterosexuals, Christians and males in particular, all while pushing its own deviant agenda of transgendered children, “normalization” of pedophilia and moral subjectivism. The weapons of the intolerant Left are social media bullying, internet censorship and street-level violence directed at police officers and conservatives. Remember the Black Lives Matter protest and the shootings of five police officers in Dallas? Remember the UC Berkeley Left-wing violence and death threats against conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos? Violence and intimidation are the weapons of the intolerant Left, and their ultimate goal is the complete extermination of conservative culture in America.

Cultural wipe out: Erasing history under the guise of “inclusiveness”

People tend to forget that the entire Charlottesville drama only unfolded after a Left-wing political decision to remove a Civil War monument dedicated to General Robert E. Lee, an historical hero of the then-confederate Army. According to the Left, Southern conservatives are not allowed to have their own war heroes, and all record of such figures must be memory-holed from history. It’s a kind of left-wing “ethnic cleansing” of history, aimed at abolishing any memory or evidence of Southern history and culture.

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The extermination of White southern conservative culture doesn’t end there: Confederate flags have also been vilified and exorcised from the culture, and southern-speaking men are routinely vilified or mocked on Saturday Night Live or other Left-wing comedy shows that think nothing of demonizing a culture they hate. Take notice how the intolerant Left relentlessly equates “southern” with “racism,” directly stating that any who honor the war heroes of the Confederate Army are automatically racist KKK members, making them “bigots” who must be stripped of any right to free speech. The Left also insists the Civil War was fought over slavery when, in truth, it was far more about states’ rights — something now being aggressively asserted by California Leftists, ironically, who wish to secede from the union in order to govern themselves. (I say, go for it! Every state should be its own nation, and it’s time to abolish the tyranny of a bloated federal government altogether.)

The upshot is that the real goal of the enraged Left is to exterminate all conservative culture — especially that of the South — while silencing those individuals born out of such a culture. Conservative, White southerners are to be shunned, demonized, mocked, silenced and vilified at every opportunity. In essence, the intolerant Left denies conservatives’ right to exist by falsely equating conservatism with racism and bigotry. What more and more people are starting to realize now is that the real bigots of the modern age are found squarely on the Left, where open calls for “killing Whites” and “No Whites day” on college campi are frightening common. (Can you imagine the outcry if a university announced a “No Blacks day?”)

Echoes of the Third Reich’s strategy to exterminate Jews for being “inferior”

The last time we saw this played out was, of course, in the Third Reich, where one group of self-appointed “superior” people deemed another group unfit for survival. They carried out mass genocide against the Jews, first by stripping away their gun rights, then denying their right to engage in commerce or speech. It wasn’t long before the Nazi fascists packed railroad cars full of Jews to be shipped off for processing in the concentration camps. It’s no exaggeration to point out this is exactly what the Left wants for conservatives in America today. If they had a way to mass murder all White male conservatives, they would rapidly do so, even while carrying signs that read “Tolerance” and “Inclusiveness” as they beat conservatives to death in the streets.

And that’s why the resistance against this has become the new civil rights issue of our time: White culture’s attempt to defend their rights to self-expression and self-defense, even amid a torrent of violence and oppression by the new “tolerant” Left that, in practice, has no real tolerance at all (and has become overtly racist and intolerant in the process).

That’s how much things have turned 180 degrees. The new civil rights struggle in America will be fought by young, conservative White men who are being systematically oppressed and censored by an intolerant, dangerous Left-wing Ministry of Truth that controls the search engines, social media sites, video sites, late night television and movie industry. Their numbers are growing. Their anger is growing. And they cannot be destroyed by merely branding them “KKK” or “racists,” either. The vast majority of them are not KKK or even racists. They are merely tired of being oppressed in the same way that African-Americans were systematically oppressed through the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. In both cases, people want to be free and are willing to fight against oppression in order to achieve freedom.

My point of view in all this, in case you’re curious, is that I fully support the right of anyone to speak their mind, regardless of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, religion or otherwise. I believe in free speech rights for everyone, including those with whom I wholeheartedly disagree. The Left does not understand this principle of tolerance, sadly, and they have decided that silencing their political enemies is their “new deal” for achieving a utopian society rooted in totalitarianism and censorship. We must all resist that dystopian vision for America, regardless of where we stand on the political spectrum.

Where this goes next: Suicide bombings carried out by young Americans?

Although it pains me to realize America is headed in such a direction, I couldn’t help but notice from the drone footage of the Charlottesville event that the high crowd density makes such events “perfect” targets for suicide bombers from either side of the extreme political spectrum.

Check out the crowd density yourself in the video below, and imagine that instead of just ramming people, some suicidal maniac fills his car with explosives and drives into a crowd, then detonates it. Instead of just one dead, you’d have a hundred dead. Note that this tactic could be used by either extreme Leftists or right-wing suicide bombers, depending on their intended target. (Bombs don’t discriminate. They just cause mass carnage.)

I have a nauseating feeling that this is where things are headed next. It seems to me that the Left’s extremism (and their calls for killing conservatives) combined with the extreme frustration of those on the right creates an almost “perfect storm” for escalating violence. At first, people were just flinging mean words at each other, then that quickly escalated to concrete-filled soda cans and the wearing of ballistic helmets. Now we’ve got a car used as a ramming weapon, and it’s not at all difficult to see violent Left-wing groups such as Redneck Revolt bringing AK-47s to these events in the near future.

Those AKs will, of course, be met by conservatives wielding AR-15s, and before long we’re in a shooting war while the cops are nowhere to be found (they seem to flee at the sight of Antifa protesters anyway, allowing left-wing extremists to wreak havoc on cities). From that, the next step is vehicle bombs and suicide bombs, either of which effectively put the United States of America into a state of open warfare where it’s “weapons free” in every engagement.

My sense is that unless the intolerant Left halts its campaign of censorship, oppression and attempted extermination of White culture across America, we’re only going to see ever-larger groups of Right-wing protesters joining forces and pursuing even more protests in more cities across America. It’s only a matter of time, I believe, before one of these conflicts devolves into a “weapons free” scenario in one way or another, during which Leftists will likely be slaughtered en masse for the simple reason that their firearms skills are laughably bad (and AK-47s are horribly inaccurate). From there, the Left probably stages a massive march on Washington to try to depose President Trump, which is met by the declaration of martial law and the end of freedom for everyone.

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My message to all the frustrated youth taking part in these events is simply this: Be careful what you wish for. Because you just might lose your liberty and your country if you allow this to escalate out of control. Also remember: Whoever shoots first loses the narrative war. So hold your fire and chill out. Join the March On Google to demand an end to the techno-censorship of conservatives so that we can all discuss ideas rather than killing each other in the streets.

Stay informed at

American Diabetes Association a FRAUD: Recommended recipes found to contain ingredients that cause diabetes

MIKE ADAMS–The American Diabetes Association is a total fraud. The group exists to promote diabetes, not eliminate it, and proof of that is found in the fact that the ADA posts recipes on its own website that promote diabetes!

FACT: All the top “disease” organizations have been captured by pharmaceutical interests. The American Cancer Society is a front group for the cancer industry. The American Heart Association is a front group for the statin drug industry. And the American Diabetes Association is a front group for all the pharmaceutical interests that profit from ongoing disease “treatment.” (Diabetes drugs and the lucrative treatments of related health conditions caused by diabetes, including heart disease and cancer.)

None of these groups want to put themselves out of business by eliminating disease

If cancer were solved, the cancer industry would implode and all the people at the ACS would lose their jobs and incomes. The same is true with the AHA and ADA. Diabetes will never be “solved” by the diabetes industry for the simple fact that they are in business to make money off diabetes.

That’s why they never tell people how to prevent diabetes. In fact, they ridiculously claim “diabetes has no cure,” even when people are reversing type-2 diabetes every day by simply changing their diet and lifestyle choices. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease caused by excessive consumption of processed foods (including processed meat with sodium nitrite), lack of mineral nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

An analysis of the American Diabetes Association’s website reveals the organization is actually promoting recipes that cause diabetes, thereby ensuring its own repeat business through the suffering and exploitation of the public. That’s Big Pharma’s business model, of course: Repeat business through the continuation of disease (and the denial of disease prevention).

97 Year old WWII veteran murdered in his pajamas in crime-ridden Baltimore

A 97-year-old World War II veteran has become the oldest homicide victim in crime-ridden Baltimore after he was beaten to death in his pajamas by burglars.

Wadell Tate was killed on July 21 inside the rowhouse he had owned and clung to for six decades, the Washington Post reported in its Wednesday edition, the latest victim of the persistent violence plaguing the port city.

Baltimore, just an hour’s drive northeast of the US capital, has seen 211 people killed this year, according to city figures.

“They took away his right to die on his own,” Tate’s 65-year-old daughter Sylvia Swann told the Post.

Baltimore, a city of 2.8 million, is troubled by drug use, poverty and racial tensions.

Though Tate’s neighborhood had grown increasingly blighted, he refused to leave his home, taking evening strolls and chatting with neighbors from his porch.

In 2016 violent crime in Baltimore was up 22 percent and murders up 78 percent, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Even the police spokesman’s younger brother was found fatally shot at his home last month.

Over the weekend activists called for a 72-hour ceasefire, holding rallies and vigils. Nevertheless, two people were killed.

“Smart Gun” locks found to be totally useless… defeated in seconds with common magnets

JD HEYES, NEWSTARGET–All the things liberals do when it comes to making it more difficult for you to exercise your constitutional right to a firearm really are pathetic — and at times, even, comical. Such is the case with so-called “smart gun” locks that Leftists insist are the ‘latest thing’ in gun safety.

While every responsible firearms owner is already hyper-focused on the safe handling of their guns, that’s not good enough for the Left, which believes technology is a better answer. Except that it’s not.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, one German engineer recently bypassed the locks on the Armatix IP1 “smart guns” using nothing more than inexpensive magnets he bought off of Amazon:

The German manufacturers of the Armaatix IP1 smart gun claimed it would “usher in a new era of gun safety” as it would only fire in the presence of a special watch. 

However, a hacker has shown the device can easily be unlocked multiple ways using $15 magnets or a $20 transmitter device.

As Wired reported, the concept behind the weapon is that it is not supposed to be able to fire if it is outside the range of the watch — a few inches. But the magnets somehow deactivate the safety mechanism by disrupting the locking signal between firearm and watch.

“I almost didn’t believe it had actually worked. I had to fire it again,” said the hacker, who goes by the pseudonym Plore. “And that’s how I found out for $15 of materials you can defeat the security of this $1,500 smart gun.”

When the user squeezes the expensive gun’s trigger, it sends a signal to the watch, ensuring it is within range. But he used a radio device to hijack the signal and then relay it to the watch, which could instead be as far away as 12 feet.

“If you buy one of these weapons thinking it’ll be safer, it should be,” Plore said. But it’s not.

In addition, the hacker said he used radio signals to also make the gun completely useless — as in, it wouldn’t fire at all.

From about 10 feet away, Plore said a $20 transmitter device could emit radio waves strong enough to jam the gun’s signals, regardless of its proximity to the watch.

“The iP1 system had been designed to increase the safety when using the weapon. It had been focused on suppressing the ability to shoot, when a third person (e.g. a child) accesses the weapon in the heat of the moment and tries to use it,” a spokesperson for the gun maker told the Daily Mail.

“There was never the demand to avoid the usage by a well-prepared attacker or a skilled hacker,” the spokesperson, who was not named, continued. “If you have access to a safety device for a sufficient time, you are able to modify it and probably can misuse it.”

As such, the company said owners of the gun should only authenticate the watch when they are actually wearing it — but that doesn’t explain how to block out the offending radio signals. (Related: This state wants to limit your gun purchases to one a month.)

“As we all know even the Pentagon and other institutions/companies/agencies were not immune to attacks by hackers in the past,” said the spokesperson — which leaves you wondering what that has to do with the price of tea in Beijing.

The fact is, for persons wanting to “lock” their guns — if they do happen to have kids in the home, for example, which is a good idea — low-tech gun locks are the best bet. They are physically strong, cannot be “hacked” or rendered ineffective. Moreover, when locks are removed, there is no way a “signal” can be used to render the firearm useless.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

American Cancer Society website literally suggests recipes that CAUSE cancer while the rest of us are fighting to prevent and cure it

S.D. WELLS–The number one fuel that creates cancer cells and causes them to spread throughout the human body is food that contains chemicals. Processed sugar, insecticides, herbicides, nitrates in meat, hormones in meat and dairy, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified “anything” just begins the laundry list of American foods that are manufactured, dosed and processed with carcinogenic, cell-mutating chemicals that cause the uncontrolled multiplication of deadly cells in the human body. Consuming these non-natural concoctions is literally a “recipe for disaster,” and the very organizations that claim they’re searching “for the cure” are recommending we eat more chemicals, even while we are battling cancer. If that’s not the most insidious scheme on planet earth, then we all better wake up fast and smell the toxic coffee that’s brewing right under our noses.

Recipes for disaster as recommended by the American Cancer-Causing Society – the infamous “ACS”

Did you know that nearly 30 percent of all ACS money goes directly into the deep pockets of the CEOs, their administrators and their managers? Yes, causing cancer is big business, so the American Cancer Society (ACS) has set up over 3,000 offices across our pesticide-laden country, where cryptic scam organizations sponsor their “Relay For Life” and the “Great American Smoke-out.” Are you donating your hard earned money to the filthy rich CEO of ACS, John Seffrin, who snagged a cool $2.2 million salary from the “charity” back in 2010?

Plus, back in 1995, the Arizona chapter of ACS was exposed for using 95 percent of its donations for paying salaries and “overhead” costs. The ACS goes out of its way to attack reports about toxins in foods that lead to human cell mutation and suffocation. It’s time we all ask ourselves, are we supporting the war against cancer or the war FOR cancer?

Instead of simply promoting cancer-causing foods, the ACS promotes them for Americans to consume DURING their cancer treatment

The following recipes are summarized directly from the ACS main website, where the title reads, “Recipes to try during cancer treatment.” If you’re having trouble swallowing, the ACS suggests that you should suck down some conventional liquid dairy products that contain pathogens, pus, blood, feces, artificial hormones and genetically modified organisms.

Here’s the first recipe for health disaster for a “high-protein shake” that increases risk of cancer. Take 3/4 cup of non-organic whole or low-fat milk (either choice is toxic) and mix it with one cup of sherbert (that contains pesticide-laden, diabetes- and cancer-causing HFCS–high fructose corn syrup). Then add some vanilla extract. Mix it all in your blender and voilà – you just helped your cancer cells mutate, multiply uncontrollably, and spread throughout your body. Thanks ACS!

But wait, there’s more. Want a “tangy protein smoothie” that causes cancer while you’re trying to fight off cancer? It’s simple. Here’s all you have to do, according to the confounded ACS recipe: Go to just about any typical grocery store or Walmart in America and buy some cheap, heavily-processed, toxic dairy products. You’re going to need ⅓ cup of conventional, hormone-laden cottage cheese or plain yogurt, ½ cup of high fructose corn syrup-loaded vanilla ice cream, ¼ cup of prepared fruit-flavored gelatin (remember gelatin comes from diseased animals’ reduced hides, muscles and connective tissues), and a ¼ cup low-fat milk. Notice that nowhere does the ACS recommend organic products that are chemical free. Here’s an inside look at the cancer-causing ingredients and pathogens found in conventional dairy products.

Now, here comes the ACS’ “classic instant breakfast milk shake,” loaded with cancer-causing sugars. It’s a “protein- and calorie-packed favorite” – seriously folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Again, we remind you that the ACS is recommending that you drink this while fighting cancer with chemical-based cancer treatments. The milk shake ingredients includes ½ a cup of low-fat milk or fortified milk, and an entire cup of vanilla ice cream, and on top of that inflammation- and mucus-enhancing nightmare, the ACS suggests that you add some chocolate or strawberry syrup. The syrup, since they don’t recommend organic, will be loaded with HFCS — and sugar feeds cancer — period!

And lastly, let’s take a close look at the ACS’ recommended recipe for “chicken and white bean soup.” Start off with one rotisserie chicken breast section or 3 cups chopped white chicken meat (both of which will contain antibiotics and hormones). Then add one tablespoon of canola oil (that’s genetically modified and contains pesticide residuals), add 6 cups of reduced-sodium chicken broth (many of these mixtures contain monosodium glutamate – MSG). Don’t forget to sauté some conventional, pesticide-laden vegetables and chuck it all in a crock pot. Finally, season with irradiated, iodized salt and pepper.

Per TruthWiki entry:

Critics right and left have questioned ACS’s apparent “conflicts of interest” since they have so many ties to chemical industries and those industry donations that come streaming in on a consistent basis. This is not in the public’s interest that this business takes place and is labeled “non-profit” and declares a hundred-year-war on something that just keeps getting worse and more common – cancer. One in three Americans get cancer in their life and about fifty percent of those survive.

To top it off, ACS continues to support mammograms, which have been called into question time and time again for their safety and efficacy, with cases and research warning us, dating back into the 1970s. False readings are also a common nightmare for the patients of this chronic care industry that rakes in billions every year – and that being the “war on cancer” that’s waged on the wrong front. The true war on cancer is won by consuming organic food, non-fluoridated water and pursuing natural remedies that work holistically to heal, prevent disease and cell disorder, and keep chemicals and known carcinogens out of the body.

Disturbing Video Shows US Border Agents Make 16yo Boy Drink Liquid Meth Until He Dies

MATT AGORIST–Disturbing government surveillance video, released this week, has sparked outrage from Congress and the public alike. The video shows two U.S. Border Patrol agents encourage a 16-year-old boy to drink liquid meth — until he died.

The video was obtained this week by ABC and it entirely contradicts the agents’ statements claiming the boy drank the meth on his own.

The boy, 16-year-old Cruz Velazquez, died within two hours of drinking the concentrated liquid meth. However, the two officers, Valerie Baird and Adrian Perallon, who enticed him to drink it remain on the job today and never faced disciplinary action.

According to ABC, a former head of internal affairs at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, James Tomsheck, told ABC News the two officers violated agency protocols by allowing the young man to drink from the bottle, and that he was told at the time they would be punished.

“If they truly suspected there was a controlled substance in the bottle,” Tomsheck said, “they should’ve conducted a field test.”

However, there was no field test. Instead, the officers used a human teenager as their lab rat and it cost him his life.

“Drug smuggling is wrong and is a crime, but this teenage boy did not deserve a death sentence,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren, the ranking member on the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security told ABC News. “For CBP officers to inflict a summary death sentence is not only immoral but also illegal.”

Rep. Bennie Thompson, the ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee agreed with Lofgren.

“In order for CBP officers to prevent smuggling, ensure public safety, and do their difficult job at the border properly, CBP must have the appropriate protocols in place and officers must follow them,” Thompson told ABC News. “While there is no excuse for attempting to bring illicit substances into the country, it is absolutely clear from the video that there were numerous failures in judgement and procedure that led to the senseless death of a 16-year-old boy. CBP must ensure that such a tragedy never occurs again.”

After the teen’s death, an ‘investigation’ was conducted which cleared the officers of any wrongdoing. Both officers denied telling Velasquez to drink the meth and the official report called it an ‘accident.’

“What you see, I think, is a basic lack of compassion and decency toward a 16-year-old boy,” said Gene Iredale, the San Diego-based attorney who represented the Velazquez family. “Almost a delight that you would see in children who just pull the wings off flies slowly, a smile when he’s being asked to drink something and being put in this position.”

“They know what’s going on. This is a game in which he is being played with,” Iredale told ABC.

In the still image from the video below, we can see the officers encourage the teen to drink the meth.

Once he drinks it, the officers laugh and encourage him to drink more.

In total, the teen swallowed four sips from the bottle of meth — enough to send him into cardiac arrest and stop his heart. Minutes later, he began sweating and screaming in Spanish about “the chemicals” in the solution. “My heart! My heart!” he yelled, records showed. Officers waited more than thirty minutes before contacting EMTs. Two hours later, he would be pronounced dead.

Sadly, no one will be held responsible for his death — except for the U.S. taxpayer that is.

In March, taxpayers paid for the criminal negligence of the officers and the Velazquez family received $1 million to settle a lawsuit. The border patrol issued no apology, no admission of wrongdoing, and both officers testified that they never received so much as a slap on the wrist for their conduct.

“How can the government allow that? It’s like, ‘OK you can kill someone,’” Reyna Velazquez, Cruz’s sister, told ABC News. “They took him as a fool, as who cares. Well, that fool, he was the greatest person I ever knew.”

Homeschool Mom Charged With Truancy For Not Filling Out OPTIONAL Form

HSLDA–When her daughter didn’t feel safe going to school, a Michigan mom formally withdrew the girl to homeschool her. But following the law wasn’t good enough for the school’s truant officer, who took the mother to court because she didn’t complete an optional form.

Throughout the fall semester, the girl had been enrolled in the local public school but had missed a number of days due to anxiety. The mom had dutifully notified the school that her daughter was unable to attend, and she sought assistance from the school to accommodate the girl’s needs.

However, by early spring semester the situation had escalated to the point where her daughter no longer felt safe returning to school. So the mom filed a formal withdrawal notice with the school, informing the principal that she would now be homeschooling her daughter.

In Michigan, parents are not required to submit any information beyond a withdrawal notice when they take a child out of school to homeschool her. However, the truant officer sent the mom a “declaration of home schooling” form and told her to submit it within two weeks.

When it became apparent the mom was not going to submit the optional form, the officer ignored the usual legal process for truancy concerns and instead filed a legal complaint for truancy.

The mom received a notice to appear in court and immediately contacted HSLDA. We called our local counsel in Michigan, an expert in defending homeschooling families. He demonstrated to the prosecutor that the family was complying with Michigan law and that truancy charges were inappropriate. After talking with our local counsel, the prosecutor agreed to drop the case.

5 Stockpile Foods You Should Buy Every Time You Grocery Shop

There are five essential and basic foods that you should store in your emergency pantry in order to have an adequate and well-planned short- or long-term food stockpile.

Do you know what those five foods are — and why you should pick each of them up every time you shop?

The First Food: a Protein (Start With Peanut Butter)

Peanut butter, jerky, beans, tuna, trail mix and power bars are good sources of protein. Pick one of these protein staples each week you shop, and change it up each week so you have a variety of protein sources in your stockpile. Protein, of course, is one of the building blocks of life. It supports muscles, blood, enzyme and hormone production. Protein also is responsible for building and repairing cellular tissue.

The Second Food: a Carb (Start With Bread)

Bread, rice, crackers, pasta and flour are good sources of carbohydrates. Pick one of these carbs to add to your grocery cart each week (and change them up each week as above). Carbs are responsible for energy. The fiber in carbs supports digestive health as well as heart health. Fiber can lower cholesterol levels, too.

The Third Food: a Fat or a Condiment or a Spice

Mayonnaise, oils, butter and cheese are essential fats for cooking. Fats are necessary in sautéing, greasing baking pans, making tuna salad and grilled cheese. Also in this category are condiments like ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper and other spices.

Fats are responsible for healthy skin, hair a healthy brain (did you know the brain has a large percentage of fatty tissue?) and the transport of non-water soluble vitamins (such as A, D, E and K) throughout the body. Fats also contribute to immune system health, insulin levels and blood sugar control.