American Diabetes Association a FRAUD: Recommended recipes found to contain ingredients that cause diabetes

MIKE ADAMS–The American Diabetes Association is a total fraud. The group exists to promote diabetes, not eliminate it, and proof of that is found in the fact that the ADA posts recipes on its own website that promote diabetes!

FACT: All the top “disease” organizations have been captured by pharmaceutical interests. The American Cancer Society is a front group for the cancer industry. The American Heart Association is a front group for the statin drug industry. And the American Diabetes Association is a front group for all the pharmaceutical interests that profit from ongoing disease “treatment.” (Diabetes drugs and the lucrative treatments of related health conditions caused by diabetes, including heart disease and cancer.)

None of these groups want to put themselves out of business by eliminating disease

If cancer were solved, the cancer industry would implode and all the people at the ACS would lose their jobs and incomes. The same is true with the AHA and ADA. Diabetes will never be “solved” by the diabetes industry for the simple fact that they are in business to make money off diabetes.

That’s why they never tell people how to prevent diabetes. In fact, they ridiculously claim “diabetes has no cure,” even when people are reversing type-2 diabetes every day by simply changing their diet and lifestyle choices. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease caused by excessive consumption of processed foods (including processed meat with sodium nitrite), lack of mineral nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

An analysis of the American Diabetes Association’s website reveals the organization is actually promoting recipes that cause diabetes, thereby ensuring its own repeat business through the suffering and exploitation of the public. That’s Big Pharma’s business model, of course: Repeat business through the continuation of disease (and the denial of disease prevention).

  • Martina

    Totally agree with this article! There’s too much money in treating diabetes to ever cure it. That’s the very last thing they want!

    • Sam Oconnel

      It is easily cured by diet and exercise alone. My wife is living proof.

      Eat once a day and diabetes goes away. So does obesity and many other ailments.

    • James Peters

      Back in October 2013, Diabetes UK announced the award of its largest research grant ever. It builds upon the breakthrough in understanding the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes and the related demonstration that a short term diet reversed it.

      Now a larger trial known as DiRECT (DIabetes REmission Clinical Trial) is ongoing. Participating general practices in Newcastle and Glasgow will be randomised either to use the low calorie diet followed by an intensive weight maintenance phase in patients, or the best possible care according to current guidelines. In order to deliver the low calorie diet, together with the critically important backup and support, primary care staff will be trained by the study team.

      Study volunteers in the Newcastle area will also undergo detailed MRI scans coupled with metabolic tests to examine further the basic mechanisms which bring about the return to normal blood glucose control. Additionally, detailed psychological assessments will be carried out to understand the response of individuals to this management approach and identify factors which effect adherence.