97 Year old WWII veteran murdered in his pajamas in crime-ridden Baltimore

A 97-year-old World War II veteran has become the oldest homicide victim in crime-ridden Baltimore after he was beaten to death in his pajamas by burglars.

Wadell Tate was killed on July 21 inside the rowhouse he had owned and clung to for six decades, the Washington Post reported in its Wednesday edition, the latest victim of the persistent violence plaguing the port city.

Baltimore, just an hour’s drive northeast of the US capital, has seen 211 people killed this year, according to city figures.

“They took away his right to die on his own,” Tate’s 65-year-old daughter Sylvia Swann told the Post.

Baltimore, a city of 2.8 million, is troubled by drug use, poverty and racial tensions.

Though Tate’s neighborhood had grown increasingly blighted, he refused to leave his home, taking evening strolls and chatting with neighbors from his porch.

In 2016 violent crime in Baltimore was up 22 percent and murders up 78 percent, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Even the police spokesman’s younger brother was found fatally shot at his home last month.

Over the weekend activists called for a 72-hour ceasefire, holding rallies and vigils. Nevertheless, two people were killed.

  • frankw

    And since the People’s State of Maryland restricts firearms ownership, the poor guy had no chance to defend himself. Too bad he didn’t move out of that crap hole when he had the chance, but I understand old people’s desire to stay in familiar surroundings.