Breitbart Editor: Our Goal Is ‘Full Destruction and Elimination of the Entire Mainstream Media’

Speaking at an event for college conservatives at the Heritage Foundation on Thursday, Breitbart News’ Washington political editor, Matthew Boyle, said it was the goal of his organization and like-minded new media to destory and eliminate “the entire mainstream media.”

“The goal eventually is the full destruction and elimination of the entire mainstream media,” said Matthew Boyle at the Eagle Forum Collegians D.C. Summit held at Heritage near Capitol Hill. “We envision a day where CNN is no longer in business; we envision a day where The New York Times closes its doors. I think that day is possible, I think that we can get there.”

“But when that happens, the public still needs an information stream,” said Boyle.  “And again, as much as we love Trump’s Twitter account, as much as we love the White House press releases and briefings and all that, there needs to be an independent and strong media in the United States, and that’s where we come in.”