Acknowledge with a Certificate of Recognition

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Certificate of recognition is given to someone who needs to be acknowledged. This kind of certificate is usually given to employees, students or anyone who has done their hard work. The certificate is presented to appreciate their work and effort. Some of these certificates are...

Knowing More About Work Order Template

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By using a work order, the process might make it easier for a contractor to get a contract deal with their customers especially with all the details that will be included in it. A work order specifies the work that will be completed and provided...

How to Create A Literature Review Outline for Beginners

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Before creating a literature review, you might want to understand the main idea of the content from the literature itself. A literature review can be the first step that you might want to take before you write a paper or research proposal. If you want...

How Important is a Time Off Request Form?

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It is a normal thing to do if employees need time off to do things outside of their work time. For this specific reason, a company will need to have a time off request form. This type of form is very useful for both employees...

Different Kinds of Certificate of Completion Template

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To appreciate your employees in completing a specific task, such as training, you can give them a certificate of completion. A certificate can be a good appreciation form for them to acknowledge that they have completed a task or training. For students, this kind of...

The Importance of Certificate of Recognition Template

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Using a certificate of recognition template can be good when you want to give a special recognition to employees especially inside a company. There are many ways of getting a template design that you can edit and use. If your company has never given out...

Knowing More About Administrative Assistant Cover Letter, Fax Cover, and Letterhead

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An administrative assistant cover letter is very useful for you who want to get a manager position in your company. You can also use this letter if you want to look for a new administrative assistant job. To get the position that you want, you...

How to Create Personalized 50th Birthday Cards & Design

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You can share the happiness of someone who is going to celebrate their birthday by sending them a birthday card. There are plenty of beautiful yet unique birthday card designs that you can choose from. For those of you who want to give a special...

The Essentials in Using A Construction Contract

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A construction contract is a very important document to bind an agreement in a legal way for the contractor and the client about the specific project. A contract will help both parties for that particular project. If one of them betrays the contract, there will...

What is the Relevance of Using Petty Cash Book?

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Petty cash book will help you to sort the cash expenditures manually, although it will be a little bit more complicated compared to using computer cash book. The details of petty cash log will help you in giving the correct time and date of cash...